"Salasl Al-Teeb " Company | Company’s Achievements
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Company’s Achievements

Company’s Achievements

We  have achieved several infrastructure projects, which classified under the category of strategic projects in Iraq. We shed light hereunder on some of them:



  • Ministry of Oil projects, that include: (Midlands Refineries, South Oil Company, Oil Projects Department).



  • Projects affiliated to the Ministry of Electricity, that include: (Al Hillah  and Karbala power projects, Shatt Al Basra power project, Al Quds Power Plant in Baghdad).



In addition to projects affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and others projects at the General Authority for Investment, while private sector had a great deal of our achievements, by presenting it distinctive qualitative


projects besides the business of clients and agents who deal together.


It is worth mentioning that the foregoing projects are nothing but a little of our achievements, which became a product of accumulated expertise growing out of an efficiency and specialization in logistics and the like; and this is what makes us committed by implementing all contracts and works concerning oil sector.