"Salasl Al-Teeb " Company | Society
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“Salasl Al-Teeb” and Society

“Salasl Al-Teeb” Company understands the concept of the social responsibility and its importance in achieving sustainable development in accordance with the highest standards, for it is committed with each of: its investors, partners, employees, segments of society, and with the surrounded industrial environment. We, as a teamwork at the company, do our social responsibility towards segments of society by taking initiatives relevant to the company’s policy, providing training programs by specialists, or publishing educational videos in the digital world that would shed light on our works to people who are interested, educated and work at oil sector, in addition to the way of work; starting from exploring Fossil-fuel (Petrol), passing by the way to know the potential rate, up to the extraction and refining, and then transporting and marketing. We also seek to expand our social responsibility range in the future, to the extent include all segments of society: “children, youth, aged and people with special needs”.

Facts about power sources

Power sources are divided into permanent natural sources as the sun, wind, water and plants, and non-renewable and consumable sources such as fossil fuels with all its kinds , while the sun is considered to be one of the permanent energy sources due to its possibility of using it in the generation of electric energy by the solar cells, it can also be used in heating the water, and it is not far away to the specialized labs to produces cars that rely on the solar power instead of relying on the non-renewable fossil fuels. The nuclear energy is also one of the energy sources that are produced in the nuclear reactors and by nuclear fission, which could be used in naval propulsion and generating electric power .Moreover there is another source of energy, it is the hydrogen gas, which can be used in moving vehicles that rely on it, as well as in power generation , and this happens through its combination with the oxygen by fuel cells, which do not pollute the environment, producing water as an output . The geothermal energy, such as hot springs and the like source of energy are also power sources where it can be grasped for heating and warming. But the tidal and wind power and energy of dams and waterfalls, are natural mechanical renewable sources and non-consumable, and do not pollute the environment, and it can be used in generating electricity through coal, oil and other fossil fuels which form a major chemical energy that is used as exporters of energy and it is also used in several areas (fuel for cars, for example).