"Salasl Al-Teeb " Company | Transport dedicated equipment
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Transport dedicated equipment

Transport dedicated equipment such as towers and generators

we possess in our company, ” Al Teeb  company ” , a vast number of vehicles including trailers, tippers, conveyors, cranes and other specialized  equipment to make us able to strengthen our position as a specialized company in shipping  the  heavy equipment for oil and gas industry, we sought to achieve this through a wide  and variety of logistics. Since our Cranes are ready for any overload such as towers, generators and large equipment, no matter what the geographical difficulties that may impede the access road and drilling  sites . The heavy prepared Cranes in Al Teeb Company can lift loads up to 200 tons, and the trailer of the 32 axis with a capability of conveyance up to 700 tons. The length of the low surface of trailers are extendable from 12 m to 21 m .